Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Valley of Decision - video

Christafari - Valley of Decision

Joel 3:14-21

Run, come and fall people take heed to His call
Valley of Decision. Valley of Decision.
This is no game, people have to die in His name
Valley of Decision. Valley of Decision.

Darkness it looms all around us, I find it hard to see.
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
Whether I should stay or whether I should flee.
People all around me seem, they seem to be so sad.
I see them cry, I hear them bawl, I see them back against the wall
I wish I could wipe away those tears.

There's a Holy, a Holy hill
Holy Mount Zion, Holy, Holy Mount Zion (Heb 12:22).
Just know that He's the Lord your God,
Yeah, in this Valley of Decision, Valley of Decision.

Even though I run through the Hills and Valleys
I fear no evil cause God is with me.
Even though I run through the Hills and Valleys
Thy rod and staff they comfort me (Psalm 23:4).

Jah Great and dreadful day will soon come (Joel 2:11).
Jah will pour out His mighty, mighty, mighty Spirit
To all mankind (Acts 2:17).
Through Him all creation, all creation was made (John 1:3).
Those who call upon His name
Call on His name and you will be saved (Rom 10:13).


  1. Hi Joel;

    Great song/video I loved it! Even better Scripture…What a wonderful wealth of imagery and pondering to absorb…All up to the “Joelilian” standard I have become accustomed to :)

  2. Christafari is one of the most "expressive" bands I've ever seen. I saw them in concert probably a decade ago and it was quite the visual display of who they are on the inside... not just a "show." The lead singer referred to his wife (who is the one dancing in the video) as his "Queen," and you get a sense of genuine love flowing throughout the band.

    "Joelilian." Haha! I've heard people use all kinds of forms of my name (my last name more than my first), but I think that one's a first. Back when we were just hanging out as friends (before we were married), my wife called me "Joelsephine" one time, and I ended up picking her up and placing her in a big garbage can that was conveniently close by. ;) Had a mustard stain on her pants to prove it. Of course in this case I take your term as a compliment, and not as a diss. :-D

  3. Lol!

    And she still married you! You sure know how to charm a gal!

    You can buy a product in pet stores called “Nature’s Miracle” it will take out just any stain just in case you need it again….

    I think Joelilian (should have spelled it Joelillian with an extra “l”) has a very cool ring to it!

    Not everybody can be a red ruffed lemur named Livingsword, there is only so much “coolness” to go around :)

    By the way I do read all your articles even if I don’ t comment on all of them, keep up the good work!

  4. Yeah, I even kicked her in the face with a basketball one time, and she still married me! Of course that one was an accident. :) The ball was rolling towards me and I tried to lob it up to her (with my foot) so she could catch it, and it ended up hitting her face. Our friendship was still fairly new at the time, and we were in that "nothing you do will offend me" stage, and when I asked her if she was ok she said, "I'm fine!", even though it was obvious that it hurt, at least a little bit. ;)

    By the way, I read all your posts as well. I'm not all that into "Survivor" but I enjoy what you have to say about it, as well as what you have to say about the various other things you write about.

  5. My wife's parent’s house has a beam that runs across their living room from where they expanded the room. I had brought my future wife home from our first date and guess I wanted to show her my "manliness." I grabbed her by the waist and picked her up over my head, but I didn't realize I was standing under the beam. You guessed it; I rammed her head into the beam. She still ended up marrying me. I guess I knocked the sense out of her. :)

    P.S. she has a blog as well:

  6. Gary, your story just gave me one of those laugh out loud moments! :) Too funny. And you gave me a new line for whenever we bring up our own story with the basketball. I knocked the sense out of her... That's why she married me!