Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Modern Day Pharisee

No, I'm not obsessed with legalism, legalists and modern day Pharisees, even though my last few posts may make it look that way! But this is all so real and so prevalent in the church today. I know it has hurt people deeply, and has even caused various people to get as far away from a relationship with God as they can.

In my next post I'll show sort of another side of the coin, a side in which I have made decisions based upon God's leading to embrace others who have legalism mixed in with their true relationship with Jesus, mainly because it's what they've always been taught, and not so much because they have hearts that desire to bind people with heavy burdens.

But for now, here's a song about those modern day "dogs" from a reggae band named Christafari. I copied these lyrics from another site, so I don't know about the validity of all the lyrics here, but the point comes across nonetheless!

Christafari - Modern Day Pharisee

Judgment! Enough of them run up their mouths with their Bad lip service. Blah blah boom boom. They say that they are bonafide but them bones fe fry. They try to give you respect but they give you disrespect. Contangarous, Friendenemy. They are a big disturbance!
Modern Day Pharisee you didn't have to judge me, Modern Day Pharisee you can do no wrong, no wrong, I said you can do no wrong, no wrong.

Look the way that you live your righteousness worn on your sleeve. You're working so hard to be good to convince that you've done your duty. You are a pillar of society. A righteous man you claim to be. So well respected in your church, you know it's by grace you've been saved and that not of your works Modern Day Pharisee.


You tie your heavy load and throw it upon my back, and if I stumbled and fell to the floor you'd pursue with a viscous attack. You love to sit and accuse, and go so far to inflict abuse. Are you really out for blood? Don't forget that we all fall short of the glory of God Modern Day Pharisee. Modern Day Pharisee you love to shine brightly. Modern Day Pharisee you didn't have to judge me.

Boy you go on like you are article, but your artificial
Back stabber, Go have His mercy!
(Chat Chorus):
See the hypocrites and parasites bite. Plastic smile they love to shine bright. See the hypocrites and parasites bite. Concrete hearts. Watch this!

Jesus He turn over the tables, and He let loose the doves, it is time to rebuke, that means to encourage in love. Crack the whip and stop the bad lip service when you speak. What makes you go on acting like you're meek.

(Chat Chorus)

Modern day pharisee, Concrete hearts! You give a tenth faithfully, and even fast maybe twice a week. Yet you judge me from the start? Don't you know that the Lord only sees what is there in you heart Modern Day Pharisee. Modern Day Pharisee you love to shine brightly. Modern Day Pharisee you didn't have to judge me.

They're a brood of Vipers, they would pluck you off one by one just like a sniper. They lash out there tongue like a lethal weapon. They don't deal with a relationship (with God) just religion.


  1. Wow, those lyrics, can you see my jaw on the floor...that is so intense, but soo true!! Interesting thanks for sharing, is there somewhere I can find the song and listen to it?!

  2. Pretty bold, clear and to the point, eh. :) While searching for a different Christafari video on youtube, I did come across an amateur video of them singing this song, but the quality wasn't all that good so I didn't post it here. That video is found
    Also, you can hear a 30 second sample of the actual song