Friday, October 12, 2007

Elmer Fudd sings Bruce Springsteen

Ok, so the cleaning lady at one of the clinics I visit daily on my job accused me the other day of getting the song "Smoke on the Water" stuck in her head all throughout the evening as she went about her business. But she's the one who brought it up in the first place! I can't remember at all what we were talking about, and she mentioned those words and then I started singing it... which apparently made it stick in her head.

Well, she then proceeded to bring up another song. "Remember the song that Robin Williams sang on Saturday Night Live? He was doing some Elmer Fudd impersonation or something like that."

I remembered the song, and it actually wasn't on Saturday Night Live, but rather on a TV special (I think). So... I told her that I would now get another song stuck in her head, and I proceeded to sing this song, Elmer Fudd impersonation and all. It was qwite a wiot!


  1. LOL!!!! I love Robin Williams! One of my favorite actors. He does a great Elmer Fudd

  2. LOL... yeah and this is back from waaaay before his huge movie career. It was sometime after Mork & Mindy and before most or all of the movies. I can't remember when he began doing movies. One of the early ones I remember was Popeye. Wow... that takes me waaaay back!