Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Muppet fun...

I first posted this quite a while back, but I noticed that the link is now broken, so here it is again. This is a classic.


I love drum solos and I love drum battles. :)
Here's Buddy Rich vs. Animal


  1. Manamanah…aren’t they a Christian recording company?

    The Buddy Rich vs. animal video reminded me of the sounds and problems from my Ford Taurus, before I went all Honda!

  2. LOL... Yeah, I think it's the Manamanah Praise and Worship label.

    I once had a car that sounded eerily like Animal. They got me where I needed to go, but some of my Christian friends thought it was a bad witness. The hitchhikers I picked up and shared Jesus with didn't mind the rides though. :)

  3. Sometimes I feel that Manamanah could use a little Manamanah (say that 10 times fast!)

    How very un-Jesus following of you to own a car that was such a “bad witness”, today what kind of car is a good witness :)

    Guess they wouldn’t have liked Jesus donkey either :)

  4. They were both GREAT! Especially the drum battle. Tooooo cool!!!!! I love drums too, like with marching bands and that kind of thing.

    LOL!!! Funny, funny about the "bad witness."

    Thanks for the laughs :o)