Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Coming to Christ (Part 3 - January 7th)

As I began to think further about how my life changed drastically on January 7th, 1992, many thoughts came to mind. First... I realized that I had already blogged about this - six months ago! So instead of rehashing all of that, I'll have you follow the link if you're interested.

Secondly... in Part 2 of "My Coming to Christ," I said that a lot of the experiences that I had in my relationships are what brought me up to this date in my life. I don't think I made it completely clear though, that those experiences were few and far between. They were very significant happenings, but most of my life was lived without much thought for God, even though I really believe I was saved.

January 7th, 1992, was a Tuesday. On the previous Friday or Saturday, I had gone to visit some friends who were managing a small motel in Allison, Iowa. They lived at the motel, and I had gone to see them for the specific purpose of partying with them. We really did have a great time, just the three of us. My point here is that, even though I'd recently ended a relationship with someone in which I had begun to take God more seriously, I really wasn't pursuing a relationship with Him. It was life as usual, partying and all, and I had absolutely no clue that within just a few days, my life would change forever. I was NOT pursuing it!

The post I linked to really says it all, but if I were to add anything to it, or if I were to really try to highlight the point I've essentially been trying to make all along, I would say that I "came to Christ" at a very young age, even though I really had no clue what it meant for the longest time, and even though I never realized how God was working in and through me, even in my complete ignorance. I guess January 7th is a day that sticks out as the day that God drew me a whole lot closer, experientially.

The Bible is wonderful... It gives us principles, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, etc. I'm very thankful that God inspired the writers and that we have this inspired book of wisdom and understanding to look to in order to get to know God, and who we are in Him. But I want to say that, even apart from the written word, Jesus is the Word of God. The Word of God is a Person, not a book. We can trust the Word, even when we don't see Him or understand how or what He's doing!

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