Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This past weekend took me to Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, to finally meet my good friend Dave Lesniak in person, as well as a couple of other crazy dudes who I rode with. For those who don't know, Dave is the station manager for Grace Walk Internet Radio, but I know him better as someone who aims to intimidate and threaten as he tries to take over the world with his iron fist! You really need to watch this guy! Hehe. Anyway, a few pics from the weekend are below.

I met Dave 2 1/2 years ago through the Grace Walk Forum and we've developed a very neat friendship. The two other guys I went with on this trip live two hours from me, in Ankeny, Iowa. Greg is someone I also met through the forum. Actually, it was someone else from the forum (Bob, from Canada, who some of you will know - yes THE Bob!) - who introduced Greg and I to each other! Hmm. Someone from Canada introducing two "Iowanians," as Dave likes to call us. Greg's friend, Seth, a black belt in Karate, who Dave kept threatening to beat up and throw in his pond, was part of this trip to Michilliana.

Dave lives in Northern Indiana, just south of Chicago. On our first evening there (Friday), Dave took us into Chicago and we went up in the John Hancock Building, to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. What an amazing time that was! It was a very beautiful sight to look down and across the city at night. We then drove to Dave's church to spend the night. (Dave's church is really the home of his friends Bill and Sue). :) They have their fellowship right around the kitchen table.

Saturday, we all woke up and had an easy morning and then it was back to Dave's place to prepare for a huge party he threw. Lots of food, fun and fellowship, so to speak. Dave was very unselfish in sharing his family and friends with us. The day had started off very rainy and cool, but turned out nice just in time for the party.

On the third day (Sunday), we rose early and went into southern Michigan to Warren Dunes State Park. Again, the day started off rainy, but it cleared off before we got to the dunes and beach. I about had a heart attack climbing the hill, but it was a very nice view of the lake as the four of us sat near the top and chatted a while. We decided to run down the hill like everyone seems to love to do, and as I attempted to "fake" a fall and tumble into 4 or 5 rolls, it turned into a real fall that was far more comical that the fake one would have been. :) Needless to say, I got lots of sand in my hair and clothes. It also hurt a lot more than I expected! I'm not as young as I used to be. We then went out to eat, returned Dave to his house in Indiana, and Seth, Greg and I headed back to Iowa.

Despite what Mike Zenker says about Dave, and really, despite what everyone says about the guy (JUST KIDDING, DAVE!), Dave was very hospitable during our whole time with him. He really went out of his way to help us feel welcome and he really gave us the royal treatment. It was really hard to say goodbye. Also, having never met Greg or Seth in person, I wasn't exactly sure how our drive to Indiana would be, not to mention the rest of the time we would spend together, but we really hit it off well and I was happy about that. We are all very like minded in our walk with Jesus, and the conversation was never dull. The whole weekend was very refreshing as we had a lot of fun and encouraged each other in the grace of God!

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  1. Hey Joel,
    I am sorry to say that in my flesh, I am jealous. You met "The Dave", hmmmpf .... what was it guys weekend out???? Just kidding with you....sounds like a blessed and wonderful time. However with a national treasure like "Bob" here in Canada....we aren't going too far anyhow...LOL ... isn't it cool the brothers and sisters that you connect with because of the gift of technology....oh and the direction of the Holy Spirit.
    In Him,