Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kings of the Wild Frontier (revisited)

I'm not going to be around a whole lot the next few days, so here's another post that I would have probably waited till tomorrow or Saturday to post.

One of the things I mentioned the other day was that my marriage is the product of grace. I've heard that it's a man and a woman's "love" that keeps a marriage together. Well, would I be going out on a limb to say that no matter how we "try," or no matter how close we come to "being" the love that is Christ-in-us, our love still does fluctuate and is not always dependable?

Other camps say that it's not so much "love" that keeps us together as it is "commitment." But again, I can't even trust my commitments I make to myself, never mind other people! Hear me right, I'm not saying to not love and to not be committed. But what I'm saying is that when two people are together for a lifetime, they can really do things to irk each other! Or they can be so different, and remain so different in their ways of doing things, looking at things, thinking about things... etc... that when our human love and commitments become undependable, the only foundation that is left standing, which is the only real foundation anyway, is God's very own love and grace.

My marriage was truly tested in this, and it was solely because of grace that we came through! This experience caused me to trust much more deeply in God's love and grace and less and less on my own ability to love and be committed. Sounds hard for the religious mind to grasp, I know.

Well, here's the link to a somewhat personal testimony I wrote about earlier this year: Kings of the Wild Frontier

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