Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grace (redone)

Grace is not...Grace is...
-merely one subject of many in Christianity-the essence of the Christian life
-a "method" for holy living-the holy life of Jesus that indwells the believer
-power for humans to keep the law-the power of God working in the believer as he/she rests in Jesus
-limited to the forgiveness of sins-the all-encompassing power for every single matter in the Christian life
-license to sin-freedom from sin
-through Moses-through Jesus
-added to our works-God's work in us
-for the proud-for the humble
-wages for our deeds-the free gift of God
-the result of our commitment or faithfulness to God-the result of God's commitment and faithfulness to us
-the result of us exercising our gifts and talents-the means through which our gifts and talents are exercised
-limited in supply-abounding toward us, so that we, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.
-something you "hope" will be there-exceedingly rich and abundant, without end
-something to come back to now and then-what the heart should be established in
-unproductive-fertile soil


  1. At Bino's suggestion, I decided to try to create a table to more clearly illustrate a previous post. I created this table using a free website creation program, NVU (www.nvu.com).

    Apparently, Blogger is not very table-friendly! When I first posted this, there was a huge amount of white space on top of the table. You had to scroll down to see the table. Long story short, I did some research and found out that I needed to edit the html, to make it one continuous line of html with no occurrences of page breaks (hitting the enter key).

    Anyway, I hope this table is more clear in showing how I meant for each "IS" to correspond with each "ISN'T."