Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another plug for "Grace" stories

A while back I asked if anyone had any True Stories of Grace that they might like to share with me. Although I don't know "who" reads my blogs (Myspace and Blogger), I do seem to be getting a few more hits these days and I thought I put out another plug for stories. Maybe you're new or maybe you've been reading a while, but either way I'd like to hear from you. If you read the original post, you'll see what I'm looking for, and really what I'm looking for is anything to do with how grace has worked in your life in any way, shape or form!

Your story, no matter how long or how short, nor how detailed, nor how... whatever, may just inspire someone else, so feel free to share in your own words, in your own style, from your own perspective, how you've seen grace at work in and through your life. You can contact me at:


  1. Hello Friend, thanks for your podcast. I am thankful for your study on the law and the christian. I have been trying to revisit my understanding of the law, normally have thought of 3 different purposes of the law (condemnation, restraining evil, and moral guidance for believers) I am a christian for about 17 years and have really enjoyed Grace Walk and they have been a great revisting of my understanding and helping me come to a more biblical view.

    Then found your blog and podcast. I'm going to keep listening. Blessings in Christ,

    Thanks for you guy, but have been affected reAmen and amen!!

  2. I have a friend named Brian that told me about grace walk. Wow I really like your podcasts alot. Praise God for his Grace,

  3. Thanks, Shawn. You are a blessing. I also once saw the law as restraining evil and moral guidance, but I found that scripture reveals otherwise. :) Rather than restraining sin, the law actually arouses sinful passions (Rom 7:5) and causes sin to abound (Rom 5:20).

    Thanks for listening to the podcast. My friend Mike and I truly enjoy recording them. It's always refreshing just to speak and hear and remind ourselves of the wonderful grace of God! I highly recommend the other programs on Grace Walk Radio as well.