Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moon Pies and RC Cola

Where's the spiritual gift of comedy listed in the Bible? :)

We know all about the gifts of teaching, preaching, tongues, healing, exhortation, giving, prophecy, etc. Those gifts are specifically "listed" and called by name in Paul's epistles.

But what about the gift of making others laugh? And also, what about the gift of baking a mean chicken dish that's the talk of the town? What about the gifts of acting and performing? What about the gift of motherhood? What about the various things that God has gifted you with that aren't "listed" in the Bible?

"Christian comedian" Ken Davis is coming to town later this week. I saw him in person a year ago, and I love listening to him on the radio. His tag line is "Lighten up, and live." I love that. Now, Ken is the type of comedian who mixes comedy with scripture teaching. His comedy act includes some teaching and encouragement directly from scripture, and it also includes some pure comedy that has nothing to do with 'scripture.' I think it's great that he does this... but I'm wondering... is there also perhaps a Christian or two out there whose gift is to simply make people laugh, without the added gift of teaching from scripture? I would bet there are probably a lot of Christians out there who have the "gift of comedy," but who aren't necessarily equipped as Biblical teachers! They are simply 'called' to make people laugh. Isn't that great?! And isn't that enough?! Does a person with a gift or talent for "speaking" or "performing" (or any other gift that gets them out in front of other people) necessarily also have to teach in order to make their gift "valid?"

I was listening to Jeff Foxworthy's country music countdown yesterday morning. I am not a country music fan! Country music is of the devil. Well, close enough! Seriously though, I've gone through phases of liking some country music. I liked Garth Brooks and Clint Black, back in the day. But all in all, country music is simply not my cup o' tea. Anyway, if/when I listen to the country countdown these days, it's most definitely not for the music... but for Foxworthy's humor! He's a hoot! As an example, yesterday he was talking about a "wonderful" prize package that features Moon Pies and RC Cola - "the essentials of life." :) I can't even begin to portray the way the whole bit came across, and how it would've made me fall over in laughter had I not been driving.

Nowhere was "Christ" mentioned, but yet Christ-in-me had a great laugh! Did I just say that? Yes I did! Some minds may jump right to the question, "Is Jeff even a Christian?" "Should you even be listening to him?" To me, that's not the point! Should I only ride a bus with a "Christian" driver? Should I only listen to a "Christian" weatherman? Should I only call a "Christian" plumber? Should I only laugh at "Christian" comedians and listen to "Christian" music? (I say all this, hoping you have the understanding that I'm fully aware that there's a lot of junk out there that I wouldn't give the time of day).

And the point I was really getting at... Should Christians only talk about and do things that are specifically listed in scripture as "spiritual gifts?" There are many, many Christians out there who have many, many gifts and talents that don't have much or anything to do with teaching or preaching scripture. Can we only call out the "spiritual" spiritual gifts in ourselves and others, or can we truly be what God has created us to be in all of the "non-religious" ways in which He has gifted us as well?

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