Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 - Simon Zealotes

Other than this video showing that many didn't understand what Jesus was all about, I'm not posting this to make any point whatsoever! Call this simple indulgence on my part. :) My family had the Double-Record soundtrack to the original Jesus Christ Superstar movie in the 70's (I am still in possession of it), and as a boy I enjoyed listening to it and also watching the movie. Even from my childhood, I've understood completely that the movie takes a lot of liberty and license with the story of Jesus, although you can find a few occasional thought-provoking points about the gospel in it. In the year 2000, I heard that a very talented music artist who I had followed since his early days in the Christian music world, Tony Vincent, was starring as Simon Zealotes in an updated version of the film. Tony's music was probably the most grace-based music that we played on the radio! Anyway, I have the DVD from 2000, and I found a bunch of videos from the movie on YouTube while unsuccessfully trying to find some of Tony's older music.

In this song, Simon Zealotes is trying to incite Jesus to begin his takeover and start His kingdom reign through the means of violence. You also see Jesus' response, and I like the very end: "To conquer death you only have to die." I'm sure many of us have come to know what that really means. :)

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