Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's just a thing...

My thoughts in life lately have been eerily similar to the thoughts laid out in a blog that Heather linked to today. Eerie in a good way!

In his post entitled, "It's just a thing...", a Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary student named Alan Knox (of whom I had never heard up till now) discusses how easy it is to "play" being a Christian, doing all the things that the church tells us to do, all the while not even really knowing God or His unique word to us as individuals. So many seemingly "good" things (children and youth ministries, Sunday morning activities, Sunday night activities, prayer meetings, evangelism programs, service programs, preaching, teaching, singing, planning, organizing, fundraising, _______ name your own church activities) can become just that... "things." Anyway, I like Alan's honest thoughts on the whole thing.

Not too long ago I posted my own article on a similar subject, called "Rest and Simplicity."

With what I'm about to say, I don't mean to sound negative, and in fact all my thoughts on this do lead ultimately to some very positive outcomes as far as me getting to "know" the PERSON, Jesus... but I guess I'm really becoming more and more turned off by the church system of today. I mean, for the past dozen years or so I've already been turned off by a lot of what I see. But my antipathy seems to be growing - seemingly exponentially at times.

I'm definitely not a conformist (who knew!), but I'm also not a rebel for rebellion's sake. I do not see myself as a victim. I love, love, love the people of the church, and I've tried to remain "within" the system because all my brothers and sisters ARE truly my brothers and sisters, and my fellowship with anyone and everyone in Christ is based upon the Person of Jesus, and not based upon whether or not we all agree on what it means to be "in Christ." I am solidified in that. But right now I am simply dealing very much with the thoughts that I personally do not "work well" within the church system and the system does not work for me at all. Perhaps I'm just venting here... Perhaps the Lord is doing something so much bigger than what I can see or imagine. And thanks be to Jesus, who has it all in His hands.

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  1. Joel,

    Thank you for the link to my blog. I've ready your article, and agree that God has us thinking similar things. I like your title, "Rest and Simplicity", better than mine.