Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Cat" find freedom!

My personal notes - 2/12/03

On a funny video show there was a video of a cat sitting inside a glass door waiting to go outside. There were “humans” around, so the cat was looking up at the door handle, waiting for someone to open the door. The funny thing was that the large glass or screen portion of the door had been removed and all that was left was the frame! The cat could have easily stepped outside, but was so used to having to wait for someone to open the door that it didn’t realize it could simply now go out freely. There was even someone who was walking in and out through the frame to show the cat that it could go out, but the cat kept looking up at the door handle waiting for someone to open it. After stepping through a few times, someone finally opened the door and the cat went outside.

Sadly, the same type of thing can happen in the life of a Christian. The freedom offered in Christ is there! The barrier of sin between God and man has plainly been removed. But someone who has been caught up in legalism or who has come to Christ thinking that the Christian life is dependant upon his or her own works may not understand that when they fail, the barrier no longer keeps them from God. The blood of Jesus Christ has removed the barrier completely, and you can walk through the door into God’s love and grace freely. In fact, once you do, you never go back.


Ahhh, the digital age... I found the video today on YouTube! I couldn't actually find the American version of the video, but it was apparently shown on a Dutch program. So, here's the video!

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