Friday, March 02, 2007

Looking for true stories of Grace

I guess I don't even know for sure "why" I'm doing this. On the one hand it's a wild hair; on the other hand I've thought for a long time about asking people for stories. If nothing else, I'm just interested to hear from you! Perhaps I'll blog a compilation of some stories (let me know if you would want to remain anonymous). Who knows, maybe some day they'll be in a book.

What I'm looking for... your real life experience(s) with God's grace.

And the word "grace" covers A LOT! Your story may be long or it may be short. It may have to do with your "salvation" experience. It may have to do with forgiveness. It may have to do with knowing that God has given you what you know you don't deserve... but He gave it to you because He is full of grace. The apostle Paul said "by the grace of God I am what I am," so "grace" to you may mean a story of how your life has been a result of nothing more than His grace working in and through you! Your story may be how God has shown Himself to you outside of the "normal" bounds of church and religion. So much of my life is like that.

On the other side of the coin, maybe you've resisted grace because you thought you had to prove yourself to God. Maybe like the "foolish Galatians," you've fallen from grace because you've trusted in your own religious works rather than God's grace, but now you've come back around to trusting that you are His workmanship, not your own workmanship.

I could write so much more... giving so many more examples... because I know that grace is HUGE! Those who know me, know that I am not your ordinary-average rank-and-file "religious" Christian. I'm not big on slogans and churchianity. I'm trying real hard to get myself and God out of the box that religion likes to keep Him in, and instead get to know Jesus Christ, the Person.

I want to change, I want to grow, I want to learn and to live, and I've found that the only real change, growth, life, and knowledge that's worth anything comes from the One who created it all! He gives us His life by grace, and the life He gives us freely is Abundant Life.

So if you have anything that you'd like to share with me (and quite possibly others), about His grace in your life, please share it with me by emailing me:

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