Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Down Below Those Dandy Clothes

This is a follow up to my last follow up of a previous post!

Another line in the song "Kings of the Wild Frontier" by Adam and the Ants that stuck out to me, in relation to life in Christ goes like this:

And even when you're healthy and your color-schemes delight
Down below those dandy clothes you're just a shade too white

In case you haven't read the initial post, the song says "I feel beneath the White there is a Redskin suffering from centuries of taming." To me, this is the cry of an Indian Warrior stuck in "tamed" White-man's culture, dying to get out. In my mind, it's emblematic of anyone who knows that they're living in a box, and they're dying to get out and be who they were truly created to be. And to me in particular, I suddenly related to this one day as I was going through a process of realizing that God had created me for much more than the stuffy little box I was in, created by the religion of today's church culture.

To make it clear - I'm not down on Christians or true Christianity. I'm down on the religion of Christianity. I've been (and continue to be) set free, and I hope to help others to be set free.

And so the line above, about color-schemes and dandy clothes, to me speaks volumes about the state of the modern Christian religion. There are many people who indeed look "healthy," and whose outward color-schemes (appearances) look nice and dandy and delightful! But if you strip them down - down below their "dandy clothes" (removing outward appearances) - all you're left with is the nakedness of empty and dead religion!

Oh, God, that your people would truly live! That empty and dead religion, based upon rules and regulations, and the futility of self-effort, would cease and that the true identity that you've given us would thrive and would be the true clothes that are on display for the world to see! To God be the glory, and so may the so-called glory of our self righteousness die, and may Your Life in us take over!

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