Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tagged by nightwatch

Here we go...! Nightwatch tagged me and these are the instructions.

1) grab the nearest book to you
2) go to page 123
3) go to the fourth sentence and post the next three sentences
4) name the title and author of the book
5) tag three others to do the same

(What a cool game!)

I am surrounded by books, working on a class for church! The nearest book is "Grace Rules" by Steve McVey.

"A clear understanding will draw the Christian toward Jesus Christ. When grace rules our decision-making process, our focus will be on Him, not a plan. ¶ The propensity toward seeking the right path presents another subtle danger."

If you want to know what that subtle danger is... read the book. :)

water powered cars, laboring to rest and branch of vine... consider yourselves TAGGED! I linked to your blogs, but that's not in the instructions... it's just something I do. ;)

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  1. When I saw this post from office, the book next to me was "Professional XML, 2nd Edition". If I go to page 123 and 4th sentence. This is what it says:

    "Entity End Marker, Document Type Declaration, Notation blah, blah..."

    Do we need this? :) LOL That was fun!