Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You are loved

Forgive the simplicity of this post. When you get to the heart of it, there's nothing profound or revolutionary about what I'm going to say. However, it's so simple that I think we miss out on what it really means. It's almost too good to be true, so we feel we must add to it in order to justify it.

God loves you.

It's not about anything you've done in the past ("good" or "bad") or anything you're currently involved in doing or anything you will ever do.

It's not that God loves you as a result of you doing anything great for Him or for people.

It's not that God loves you "in spite of" you doing any bad thing against Him or against people.

God's love for you is not based anything whatsoever at all (pardon my imperfect use of English) upon the result of anything you've ever thought, said or done, no matter how noble or sinful. It's not based upon any action or inaction. God's love is not even based upon His mercy or grace. It precedes and transcends ("exists above and independent of") mercy and grace. It is not conditional of mercy and grace.

God loves you. Period.


We've got to get the notion out of our heads that God's love is a response to anything we've done. We've got to do away with the contradictory notion that unconditional love can ever have any conditions whatsoever!

God loves you...
Because He loves you.

God loves you because He is (unconditional) Love.

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  1. Thank you for the simplicity of the post.
    We always are trying to turn it around and about something we did or didn't do, aren't we?
    I guess we just so much can not believe, trust or have faith in the fact that He could just love us because He is love. Our self-centeredness blocks the real revelation of His amazing love. I still struggle accepting this...I know it .... but how unloveable this world (and that includes the Body of Believers) can make you feel. That really is it, isn't it? In a world that is so about feelings and striving for love, acceptance, significance....we have difficulty accepting the no conditions LOVE....that is Jesus. That is what makes this Truth, when you finally GET it....so very Sweeeeeet!
    Because of Him,