Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rest and Peace


And by "Life!" I mean two different things.

1. Life has simply been busy lately. I love writing, so it's been hard for me to have time to write here. Actually, I have had the time, at least from time to time, but when I do have time my thoughts are simply not in a place in which they can be put together coherently.

2. LIFE! I have so much joy, even in the midst of seeming chaos (a relative word). I don't know how to explain it, but with my wife having had surgery this past week, and with me having lost a somewhat significant part of our income earlier this year, and with my car not wanting to perform up to full measure, and with us not having money to replace it, and with house repairs needed, and with our children needing constant attention (thank GOD that we have children who need attention!), and with all kinds of activities going on that on the surface, seem to overwhelm us, I've still been able to rest and be at peace in my mind. Hear me - I am not complaining or whining about the circumstances of life! I'm making the case that, yes, circumstances are overwhelming at times, even quite often, but yet rest and peace is what prevails!

And so, rest and peace is the theme for this post. Even though peace, as the world knows it, and rest, as the world knows it, seems to be lacking in my life right now (things went from zero to 100 when we got married 10 years ago, and then to about 1,000 when the kids came!), I still know that peace and rest are two constants in my spirit. "My spirit" is who I am. And because of all that Jesus did, my spirit is in complete rest, and at complete peace with God. It's not because of any good thing I've done, or any evil, and it's not because of any physical or mental states or feelings of rest and peace, and it's not due to any circumstance or set of circumstances in life, but solely because of Christ living in me, that I have complete rest and peace with God.

I never have to worry about whether my works are good enough for God, or whether I've done enough 'for' Him. Christ Himself is our peace, and our rest. Does "It is finished" mean anything? It means everything!

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