Sunday, July 09, 2006

A God experience while on vacation

While on vacation I had a pretty cool experience (at least I think it was cool) :). I had planned on taking one certain book to read while on vacation, but I couldn't find it. I ended up grabbing some other books that I hadn't read for a while instead. One of them was Grace Rules by Steve McVey. I also brought along Grace Land (nowadays entitled Grace Amazing). One morning I picked up Grace Land, but decided to put it down to read Grace Rules instead. That little decision, along with not being able to find the other book, is part of this amazing experience. My thoughts over the past few months, some of which I have shared on this blog and in articles I've written for my church and in other places where I've written, and some of which have simply been going around inside my little skull, were almost perfectly matched by what I read as I started into chapter 1 of Grace Rules!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I wonder/worry about my thoughts and beliefs, especially when I don't see them being expressed or lauded by many other people, and when I even see them opposed by others. I'm still growing in my beliefs, and it can be rocky at times, but when God confirms things to me in ways like this, it's a breath of fresh air! It's not just that Steve's words in his book agree with the thoughts that have been formulating in my mind separately. But my thoughts and questions to God, and His answers to me over a long period of time, were confirmed as I read someone else's words that matched what I believe the Spirit has taught me.

I hadn't planned on bringing this book. I hadn't even planned on reading it at that moment. But all I can say is that God made it happen by His grace. :)

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