Monday, April 19, 2010

101 Lies Taught in Church Every Sunday

Sometimes people ask me if I know of a place where all of Steve McVey's "101 Lies Taught in Church Every Sunday" videos that he recorded a couple of years ago are listed in order.  I'm like, "how the heck should I know!  Why you asking me, ask Steve!"  hehe :)  Well anyway, I have indeed come across a site that lists them.  A Facebook friend of mine, Glenn Earls, has a website called Grace Realized, and he has listed these videos in groups of 15.

Here's a link to the first page.

BTW, on Facebook the other day, Steve said he sent "52 Lies Heard In Church Every Week" to the publisher, and the book is scheduled to release January 1!


  1. I'm unfortunately (HeeHee) going to offend the hecky who out of some people when I give them this book for Christmas.

    Who? ME?!?


  2. I've never known you to offend anybody at all, at any time, in any way, so I really can't even imagine what you're talking about here, Jamie!

  3. I'm glad the book's going to be published. I've seen snatches of the YouTube videos, but truthfully, I don't have time to listen through any of them. Maybe with a book, I can curl up in the corner of a waiting room or something and read.

  4. Yeah, I know a lot of people are looking forward to this book. Videos have their place, but there's a reason why books keep selling!

  5. Books are better... you can re-read, write all over them, carry them around, read them on the tube, all sorts.

    I tell you this kind of teaching is so important. sometimes you think you are the only one teaching something, then you find out stuff like this and it is SO EXCITING...

  6. Yep indeed, it's always exciting to find others who are walking in grace and teaching it and sharing it and spreading it around. :)