Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mike Zenker interview - Grace Walk Canada

I know many of you check out Steve McVey's blog, but just in case you don't, he linked today to an interview with Mike Zenker, director of Grace Walk Canada. Mike was on the TV program It's A New Day with Willard Thiesen. I listened to the whole thing today, and it blessed my socks off and I just wanted to pass it on. Not my socks. The interview. You can watch or listen to it here:

All kinds of things are discussed including brokenness, abuse, our identity in Christ and so much more. Mike talks about how he once tried to "achieve" acceptance by God through his performance, but how he came to understand that God's acceptance of him is not based upon his performance at all. He talks about how we're so often defined by "what we do" (our behavior). If you do bad things, you're labeled a "bad person" or a "sinner," when the reality is that in Christ you're a saint and you are holy and righteous! You are not defined by your behavior but by who you are.

He talks about the patterns we've all established to be fulfilled apart from life in Christ ("flesh patterns"). Rather than getting down about it when he recognizes that he's not walking according to who he really is, and he knows things need to change, he says, "Ok Father, you do it." He knows he can't do it himself, but the Spirit convicts him of righteousness (NOT sin) and God works in and through him to live it out.

One thing that really got my attention, because I know I deal with this and I think so many people do, is the whole thing of teaching and preaching grace, and knowing it well, but yet realizing we have a lot of growing to do in living it out. He uses an example I'm all too familiar with - walking in grace with your family. Those closest to you are the ones with which you're really "tested" in the grace walk! If the Spirit of God is in me and His grace is so powerful, then why do I fall short in being loving and full of grace with my loved ones? Listen to what Mike has to say. His openness and honesty is refreshing.

Also... the whole concept of our life in Christ being a journey of rest is driven in deeply in this interview. I love it! Abiding in the Vine, resting in Him, being His workmanship, etc. Lighten up, relax. So many good things brought out here. Watching or listening to this will be well worth your time!


  1. Thanks for this link Joel. It is so great to see Mike and to hear how he really, truly has embraced the Truth. He has come a long way in speaking the message of identity and behaviour. What a blessing! A message all need to hear and appropriate. Joy, pure joy!

    In Him

  2. Great stuff - I posted it up on my blog as well.

    thank you Joel..

  3. Joel,
    Thanks for including the link to this! Yes, I do follow Steve's blog. I'll take a listen to this interview in just a few minutes! It sounds excellent.

    ~Amy :)

  4. He talks truth. I love it!

  5. Joel, so glad you posted this. I just listened to it. Good stuff! Thanks.

  6. Hey everybody,

    One thing I really liked about this is that not only does it get to the heart of grace and our identity, but it's a great grace-filled conversation all the way around, that involves a lot of 'what we've always been taught,' along with a bunch of really great grace-filled 'responses' to all of that from Mike.